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Kindergarden jitters, mine not hers!

So the new school year is starting soon. I’m crazy nervous about sending Lillian to JK in only a few days! Last weekend she got to go on a bus ride, and learn all about bus safety. We have her Dora backpack and lunch bag purchased and in the house. She has some basic school supplies, nice clothes, and shoes for the gym.

Friday she said good-bye to her daycare teachers and her friends, only one of whom I know is going to her school but am not sure if he’s in her class. As I look back on the past four years, I’m in awe of how fast she has grown. She’s always been developmentally ahead for her age, even if she was small for a while. She’s mature for her age and is really ready to go to school, but I can’t decide if I am.

I know she’ll do well. I know she’ll learn so much. She already knows her colours, letters, can count to 20 and sometimes backwards, and write her own name. My little pumpkin is now a little lady and I can’t stop her from growing. Instead we’ve worked to foster her sense of wonder and curiosity. Yes the endless barrage of “why” gets to me, but she always wants to know more, and I think that’s a good thing.

On Tuesday she will go to meet her teacher and see her room, but only for an hour. I will arrive late to work, but my mom will be with her the rest of the day. On Thursday it’s the first real day. She goes on the bus, spends the day there, and comes home on the bus. Thanks to my super supportive boss, who happens to be a father of three, I’ll be there to put her on the bus and get her off the bus. He made sure I knew that nothing in our office was more important than being there on her first day. Despite how stressed out I’ll be on Friday, I know I will forever thank him for partially letting and partially forcing me to be there.

I promise to post photos of her all ready for her first day, but here are some of my favourites from each year!

IMG_3121Lillian with her future boyfriend, Ethan.

Lillian on Christmas morning (just found this now on my mom's camera).

Lillian on Christmas morning (just found this now on my mom’s camera).

IMG_7570.jpgLillian when she was just 10 months old.

I didn't feel right posting her photo, so here is one of Lillian on the day Katrina was born. There is someone so special about a big sister meeting her new baby.

Lillian meeting her sister on her birthday!


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