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Fixing things is good.

I went back to physio yesterday and it was NICE! Yes she beat my back up a bit, and poked me a lot, but that’s why physio is supposed to do. She also complimented me on how great my hip is doing (almost perfect again) and how strong my core is getting. She even gave me extra homework to do. I know what kind of crazy person gets excited about homework? ME! New physio homework means I am actually healing, and making a difference in my core and hip! I have big plans next year for running, and I want to do a half-marathon in the fall, so I need to be improving not getting worse or even staying the same. She has approved my plans and fully supports the way I am increasing my mileage and speed, so I can keep working at it and know I’ve been coach and physio approved. How awesome is that? I celebrated by doing my 5km easy run last night after I got home.


I also confronted a work issue that I’ve been avoiding. I had an uncomfortable incident and didn’t want to talk about it with anyone frankly. I really only confided in my coach, and honestly only told her part of the story. Today I decided I’d carried the fear, and frustration long enough and after a quick chat with our head admin person and ended up in the department head’s office. It was one of those cases where they can’t really fix the issue, but making someone aware of it, and telling the story to the right person, has freed me from it. I left her office feeling the weight of the world had been lifted off of me. Sometimes all it takes is another perspective and some good advice, and now I can leave this messy situation behind me and move forward. I am so thankful to work with such amazing people. We all have off days, but honestly the people in my department actually care, and want to make things right. My chair and associate chair have my back and I should NEVER forget that.

So happy to feel like I have the old me back, both mentally and physically!

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