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Cucumbers, Zucchinis and Peppers Oh My!!


IMG_3960My garden has a mind of its own again this year. My zucchini and cucumbers are going crazy. I have 4 large cucumbers all going to be ready at the same time, a bunch of baby zucchini sprouting and still a bunch of lettuce and carrots coming sooner rather than later.

IMG_3958We also have the biggest bunch of peaches on our peach tree than I have ever seen! It honestly is ridiculous.

The branches are so large and full of fruit, that they are hitting the ground and we had to use patio furniture to hold them up.
Lastly our hotIMG_3959 peppers are doing awesome. They keep growing more and more and more. There are long green hot peppers, and a mini baby bell pepper. I can’t wait for all the peppers to grow! It’s exciting to see our little garden getting bigger and feeding our family more and more. Hurray for healthy vegetables.
On Saturday, I had enough onions, chives, zucchini, and pantry supplies to make two whole crustless zucchini pies. Super yummy and so good for me!

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