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Zoo Day!

We are trying to get out and do fun things with our kiddies this year, and one of our plans was to hit the Toronto zoo with our kidlets. Lillian has been to African Lion Safari twice, through her daycare, and we took her to Greenview Aviaries near my mom’s house when I was pregnant with Katrina. But Katrina never actually got to see real live zoo animals up close. There was the petting zoo on our recent trip, but goats, horses, bunnies, and a kitten don’t really count as animals, so we decided to hit up the zoo!

My good friend lives about 15 minutes from the zoo, and I promised her at the start of the summer that when we went to Toronto whether it was science centre or zoo, she’d get a call and could decide to join us. Lucky for me they were free, and happy to come along. Traffic was HORRIBLE, but that didn’t deter me from having a great time with my daughters and friend. Her little boy and hubby were able to join us too, so it made the day loads of fun with both families.

We arrived and immediately went to see the Pandas! They are only in Toronto for 5 years so they are a big attraction, and ended up being the girls favourites. Not sure if it was the first animal thing or whether they actually liked the Pandas, but who cares! After that we hit up the tundra animals, and frankly I can not believe how HUGE polar bears actually are. Like really, really, frighteningly BIG! And apparently they will eat giant frozen watermelons! We also saw a lot of birds. My hubby is a huge fan of birds, and so are the girls. The peacock sitting the rafters above people’s food was pretty funny, though the crazy territorial bird that started to chase me wasn’t so cute. Seriously, why are animals always coming after me? I really do like nature! Honestly!

I liked the penguins! They were really cute. We watched them swimming under water and Katrina freaked out a bit when they swam past us, but Lillian loved it! Other highlights involved watching the hippopotamus being fed, and the giraffe chewing. We also got to see a baby crocodile, and tigers, and zebras! Both girls had a blast despite the random downpour that kept trying to soak us. It did get us eventually, but we had extra clothes for the girls, and after our adventure we went back to my friend’s house for a nice pizza dinner, so it all worked out.

I think the girls had a blast, and I know Steve did, since he has more animal shots (too many butts for my liking tough) to add to his collection.

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