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Saying Goodbye.

On Monday morning the world lost a really great man. My mother’s father passed away, and I’m glad that she could be in Germany before he went to not only say goodbye, but to help arrange things now that he has passed. She jumped on a plane on Tuesday night, called me from the airport, and then he passed away on Monday morning. I’m so thankful that she got to go to Germany to say goodbye to her dad. He was sick for sometime and has been fighting cancer for years, and at the end things got very hard for him. My mother had a hard time watching him suffer like this, and so I’m glad that he is at peace. I’m okay with everything that happened and how it happened. I wish I could have gone to say goodbye but he knows knew that I loved him and I saw him recently when I went to Germany just a couple of years ago. I didn’t want to jump onto a plane and fly to Germany just for a few days. It’s hard to lose someone you love, but the memories I have of him with always be with me.

My Opa was a very kind and loving man. He was generous, warm hearted, and a hard working man. Him and my Oma ran a bakery for decades together and worked really hard, but always put others first. They raised three children, two of whom are wonderful people (let’s not talk about my aunt right now). He was a good spirit, a kind Christian, a great Opa, a loving father, a talented baker and so many other things. I know he is now at peace, no longer in pain, and is finally with my Oma, and sister. . I just have to make sure I teach my girls about both of their Opas, so that his memory will live on through them.

I love you Opa, and I will pray for you and I hope you can rest in peace now.


Opa with baby Lillian.


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