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Running vs. Not Running

I have been training for a little over two weeks and you know what, things are looking better. Steve and I both came to the realization that I am much happier when I am running/training. Steve’s happiness is tied to mine in the same way that mine is to his. It kinda happens when you’re married. I know that my happiness is NOT Steve’s responsibility and it took a reminder from my coach to make me put more emphasis on myself. I did bootcamp, I started yoga, and now am back to training for a half-marathon and have started to line up my races for 2014, and I feel like the old me is coming back. This is good for us because lately I feel like his happiness is too dependent on mine. I’m stressed about work and such and he’s always cranky. It’s not fun when both of us have the crankies. So it’s hopeful for me that this training is bringing the more relaxed side of me out.

Now I should note that my training and running is not going to solve all of Steve and my issues, but it is making a difference. I’m more relaxed and happier which means it’s easier for us to talk and work through things. Running wears me out so I sleep better at night, even with the stress of things at work. I’m also too tired to make as much of a fuss about the little things that would otherwise drive me crazy and make me well, moody, and that is a good thing for us. FinalIy I spend much of my free time so what time I do have I really try to make what we have more about quality time with my kids and hubby, which is something I’m always working on trying to do more of.

So right now I’m working on increasing my mileage but also on getting in all my cross training, which right now really is just core work. Stupid weakened baby baring core! But anything I have to do training for a half marathon is nothing compared to the 20-30km that I was having to do all the time in the marathon training. So at least I will be able to train but still have a real life! Crazy how some training takes over your entire existence while another can just become a part of you without taking over who you are.

I love this level of training!

2 thoughts on “Running vs. Not Running

  1. Jill

    I could have written this post! I sleep much better and am just happier when I run/cycle regularly. My husband is happier too. 🙂

    Great job to you!

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