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I am one of those crazy people who can’t seem to be too busy. When I’m stressed out I need to do something all the time to keep myself from going CRAZY! So what that has been this term, is knitting caterpillars! I’ve made a total of 12 of them and have another 1 left to make for a girlfriend who has a pair of super cute monkeys! You can see my work below.

Now I cannot take 100% of the credit since I started them when my Oma was here and she has been great about still knitting some feet and sending them my way, but honestly 12 caterpillars in just 11 weeks is still crazy. You also need to know that they take anywhere from 15-25 hours to make depending on the number of body segments, and how the wool reacts. I’m using up old wool and some of it isn’t a nice to knit with as others. If it’s bumpy it takes longer. If I want to make stripes instead of a solid colour it takes longer. If I drop a stitch or knit around the girls it takes longer. But I think you get the point! So in order to keep myself busy at night and to help me rest and relax I’ve been doing so much knitting. Guess that explains why I have been slacking on the running lately.

But below are some of my beautiful works of art. Hope you like them!

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