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I’m back!!

Hello Blog readers,

Sorry that I have been on a bit of a hiatus lately. This semester has just been kicking my butt. Usually the summer has a lot of down time for me and I’m bored trying to get through the day but this year has been seriously insane. There have been a lot of things at work that not just keep me busy but have me stressing at night too, so this is very new for me. Usually this comes up at the start of the Fall term and lasts for the first two weeks of September, but this year it started in May and just wouldn’t go away until July. But I guess that is life when your coadvisor is on maternity leave and you start a few really exciting new projects and your boss has a few new major projects to do too!

Wish me luck on all that. But what that means for you my awesome readers is that I haven’t been blogging as much. Honestly I’ve been so stressed out at night that I’ve been using my usual blogging time to knit which is far more relaxing for me. But now that I’ve knitted 12 caterpillars for friends, coworkers and my daughters’ daycare, I’ll be slowing down a bit on them. I still have one friend to make one for, and then any others will be saved as baby gifts. But I’m thankful they have helped me get through this term. More on those in a later post.
So since I have been not blogging for so long I’m working on some update posts and will then try hard to get back into blogging. I’m not running as much right now because of the heat, and busy work life, so I may have some random blog posts, but I figure you won’t mind!

So I’ll start by updating you on everyone, and my work, crafting and running things!
Hope you all have a great day!

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