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Where did May go?

So anyone want to tell me where the heck May went to? I worked some seriously crazy hours at the start of the month (like working a total of 3 weeks’ hours in 2 weeks) and then my husband left for a business trip from Tuesday to Saturday and then the following week was trying to catch up on things at work that were tossed aside those first few weeks. Also in that time my wonderful husband ran his first marathon, which he did an amazing job of and I will post more about that later!

IMG_3328So now I wanted to let you all know that yes in fact I am still alive! The scale and I are friends again now that I’m between 149 and 150lbs. I’m getting back to running, and I’m working my cross training in more and my abs are feeling it! But more on that later too! For now I just wanted to say hi and let you all know that I’m alive and will be posting more soon!

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