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My hubby did it!

The results are in (though very late) and my husband is now a marathoner! He rocked the full marathon with 5:17:31, which for those of you keeping track is slightly longer, than mine, but he didn’t have the fabulous Cecilia to pace him so it’s not really fair to hold it against him!

We headed to Toronto on Saturday and my girlfriend took the girls for us. We spent 28 hours away from both our monkeys, only the second time away from the itty bitty for me,  and I drove my loving husband home. He did a great job and he got to pick his ideal dinner, which naturally for him was chinese food.

He trained very hard, and it showed on his race day. My coach and I were taking bets on how long it would be before he ran again. Ultimately he waited a while to get back onto the road with his runs, but he is really proud of himself for completing the distance and so am I. Now we can both brag about being marathoners, but also, for being married to a marathoner!


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