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Running desires.

With the lovely increase in spring time weather around here my legs have been getting itchy for some running. On Monday I managed to drag my sorry butt out of bed and ran my first pre-6am 5km run and then on Tuesday I booked it across town to 6:30am yoga! So after two days of doing crazy am workouts, I gave Steve the choice of whether he’d want me to run a third day in a row or if he’d like a morning off and then I’d run again tomorrow. He decided to ask me to run on Thursday so he could have a day of help on Wednesday. No problemo. But now I want to run. I feel this need to get out there. I’m happy, and pain free and I want to just ROCK it!

IMG_3280I love running. I love the way I feel when I get up and run. Both days I was up at 5:30am I thought I would be tired. I thought I would feel drained. I thought I would be cranky, but rather the opposite happened! At the end of the day I was still alert, active and ready to go. I was happy. So now I can look forward to my run tomorrow and hope that I continue to have such amazing runs over the next few days and weeks!

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