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Healing nicely.

Okay so I am back to around 80% of normal for my back. That is great news since I would like to get one run in before this week ends, but I can’t push it too hard so we’ll see if I get that run in. I just don’t want to make sure that I don’t anger it again by running to hard or too fast. So that means I will not be competing in my race tomorrow. I figured I would wait until tonight to make that call, and here the weather has been crazy and we lost power for part of the day, and evening so we are all a little tired so I figure that it’s best to just say whatever and not stress about it.

I have many years to run and since I hurt my back on the weekend when I was solo with m girls I’m going to be super careful and let it heal. All my trouble spots are linked and connected together. Wish me luck on my run. I have a lot of time with the girls while hubby catches up on work and runs his 32k run, so I need to steal a bit of time for me.

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