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Feeling the love.

Today is the middle of my solo parenting weekend.


Lillian counting her dinosaurs.


It’s the sand box!!

This weekend my hubby has been at a programming competition. I know that he’s a brilliant programmer and he will do amazing. I also know that if he wants to really do well with his startup that he has to do more things like this. It is just unfortunate for me that it happened to fall on the weekend after Easter and after his Around the Bay race.

Yesterday I managed to get done all the weekend laundry on Friday night, which is unusual but great, though I still have a bit to put away. I also had to finish a load on Saturday because of how much new laundry the girls made. But otherwise on Friday I just tried to get done my stuff so I can spend my weekend with my little ladies.

I had a really great day today too. I got our babysitter to come watch the girls for a few hours while I went for a run with my coach and had a coffee with her in peace. After that we had lunch of grilled cheese and then we all got to go to Target for the first time since it opened locally. It was  great time. The only downer was that Katrina slept in the car coming back from the store so she was still awake at 9pm and I really needed to get to bed early tonight. Maybe she’ll fall asleep soon and I can crash finally.


Yes, that is a peep driving a firetruck!


Dinosaurs looking for their friends.


Katrina going for more sand.


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