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Happy Easter everyone.

The little ladies have a message for all of you out there.


Helping mommy make a cake for Easter dinner.


We had a great weekend with our family and our girls. My mother was over from Friday to Sunday and my brother and father-in-law were over on Saturday too. We had a lovely dinner on Saturday with our family. We played outside on the beautiful day on the weekend. We even went for a long walk with the girls in the evening and picked up a WHOLE giant bag full of empty beer cans and bottles (and a bunch of regular recycling). My mother took them to a farmer’s market and get some apples and eggs for us. Sunday morning we left my girls with my mom and went to church alone. Our family tries to attend mass regularly and it was really nice to not worry about the girls or have to get them afterwards from the play room. We also got our runs in, and really had a great time as a family with lots of cuddles and fun times. We also didn’t do the traditional egg hunt with the girls. Instead we got some second hand dinosaurs and hit them around the yard. Lillian has been a big fan of dinosaurs lately and I thought they would be right up her alley and she loved hunting for those twelve large dinosaurs all over the garden.


Oma with her granddaughters.

I loved my nice Easter weekend with my family but I will admit I’m in a bit of a funk. I don’t feel quite right, and I have been rather cranky as of late. I try really hard to be a good mom but this moody funk makes me fail like a failure as a mom, because I yell too much and am just too busy with the cleaning and cooking too spend as much time with them as I want. I think I need to do some real soul searching to feel better about everything I’m working on lately. More on this later.

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