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Weekend wrap up!

IMG_3136So much to catch up on!

IMG_3139My hubby completed his race! Woot! I figured he’d take about 4 hours to do so and his chip time was 4:02:46 which means I was right. I like being right. He looked a bit rough after the race, but he did it and I am so proud of him. His brother was there to see him finish, along with me, the girls and my friend and coach! We all went out for lunch then and afterwards I drove my coach home (who totally rocked a 3:08:27 in the race, and Steve arrived shortly afterwards. I took care of our Sunday night chores like the garbage, cleaning the bird cages and putting the girls to bed so he could have a bath and rest.IMG_3143


Steve 2013

Steve also pulled an Alice this race. At the end he stopped to kiss our girls. He kissed both girls and me and then ran to the finish line. I laugh because I did the same thing at my first solo half-marathon after we started running. Here is me turning away from the corral to kiss my baby before I run across the finish line!


Alice 2010

The exciting thing for me is that I survived the weekend too. I find when faced with a solo parenting weekend the trick is to have optimistic but low expectations. Did I expect to wash and hang 5 loads of laundry, well yeah. Did I expect to fluff and put away all 5 loads, heck NO! I figured it would be clean and in a giant pile on my bedroom floor, the result? Only socks and kitchen stuff needs to be put away! That means rather than feeling like I failed because it isn’t all put away I feel like I rocked because so little is left! Same with the girls toys being out, but we decorated Easter eggs and put up our Easter tree = success! I didn’t run because my hip and lower back hurt, but I could have = success! I didn’t read very much or relax really at all but I planned my spring garden and the girls coloured beside me on the floor = success! See you just have to expect very little and then everything is success! Of course that doesn’t apply to when your toddler knocks over the stereo stand while you put the laundry in the basket from the dryer, or when your preschooler stands behind you so you fall over her and dump scalding hot coffee on your arm, but these are the risks of motherhood and with my happy and well cuddled girls in bed, I’m calling this weekend a WIN (even if Lillian tries to eat Strawberry sandwiches)!


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