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Brown Eyed Girls!

Those brown eyes belong to me and Katrina. Lately Lillian has been drawing people who look like people, and she uses the right hair and eye colour, so her and Daddy are yellow hair with blue eyes and Katrina and I are brown hair with brown eyes.

I’ve been working hard on being more present with my children and honestly I’m loving it! I keep trying to play more with them, read more to them, let them help in the kitchen, and cuddle them as much as possible. Life is too short and I want to fill their little hearts and memories with love and fun with their mommy. We went for a walk in the wagon this weekend, the other weekend we played in the puddles at the park. In the next few weeks we’ll have play dates with friends, visits with family, cheering on daddy’s race, spending time with auntie Cecilia, and so much reading and Easter egg decorating.

I’m also enjoying seeing my girls with their daddy. He may be really busy with his two start ups, his marathon training and his consulting work, but he always makes time for them and I can see how much having a very involved Dad is influencing them. I know they will grow up more confident and happy because he is in their lives, and not just there but really involved. I’m going to let some more things go (like dishes and laundry) to really be there with them. The true test will come on those two weekends where Daddy is either busy or away since I’ll have to put things aside to fit everything in.


Littlest Hanov with her daddy.

On a side note I found an awesome recipe for eggplant risotto today to use up all the eggplant in my fridge. I made it and the only difference was I used chicken stock instead of water, and threw in a handful of grated zucchini. It was fantastic so if you need a recipe for a wicked eggplant zucchini give this one a try.


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