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Perfect timing.

So I got on my happy little 10km running plan sorted out, got my training plan approved by my coach and what should arrive today but my first Stride Box!

Seriously excited! I can’t believe that it’s here. I feel so spoiled today! First I got 6 compliments at work about my outfit and now I get some goodies in the mail! Yippy! So in this box I found 2 peanut butter flavoured Gu, 2 Power Ice hydrating Ice Bar Electrolytes, a Picky Bar, a Click Espresso Protein Drink, a mini Run Guard stick, a sample of Win sport detergent (always wanted to try that), a Kind chocolate nut bar, and a Given Brand flip wrist wallet.

I am so crazy excited by all of this! I get to start my training soon and I have some fuel to try out when I start on April 1st. Go me and my awesome running stuff, and thank you Stridebox for giving me a little something to look forward to every month!

The first box arrives!

Pretty stuff!

Pretty stuff! My husband is so jealous!


All laid out! Most excited about the laundry detergent, freezie electrolytes, and low sugar bars.

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