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Canadian Family Fun!

The truth is my becoming Canadian had nothing to do with the fun we did today, but I’m going to say it did anyway! So just go with it! Thanks!

So in honour of my first weekend of being a Canadian, we had a blast as our little Canadian family! We ate a big family breakfast, and bummed around the house watching far too many cartoons. Then we enjoyed a nice lunch of homemade soups with chips, fruit and half sandwiches (I made veggie bean, ham & lentil and potato leek this weekend)! Steve said it was like eating at Williams. After lunch I loaded up the diaper bag with a full change of clothes for the girls! And I mean full! We had back up socks, shoes, undies too. The girls were placed in boots, splash pants, winter coats, and loaded into the car and off to the park we went. It had snowed like crazy for the past month, and with a few days of warm weather I knew the park would be a slushy, puddle mess. My kids love puddles and so we went expecting them to jump threw them all, which is exactly what happened! They ran around like crazy splashing around like crazy, played on the playground, which Katrina always loves doing, and checked out the cute little animals that are in the pens. The miniature horses and donkey are always funny.

IMG_20130310_143226 IMG_20130310_143237After the park adventure we spontaneously decide to his Munchiees for frozen yogurt for the babies and Steve. Lillian got two bowls because she ate her first one and wanted more. Since hers was so small I didn’t mind. Steve filled his up and feasted on frozen yogurt. After that we hit the local dollar store and headed home!

After we got home Katrina finally got to have her nap, and Lillian played with her puzzles, and I got everything ready for dinner. The girls ate a lot of fish, and broccoli for dinner which is very nice to see. I got my little run in and then we played with the girls before bed.

I have to say I’ve been trying to spent more quality time with, really with and not distracted by, the girls, and today I did that. We cuddled, did something just because it would make them happy, and made the day all about them. Hopefully we can make this a regular thing once the warmer weather sticks around.

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