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My new wall.

The last time my Oma visited, which was right after Katrina was born, she brought me three pictures that my Opa drew. While he was alive my Opa did a lot of drawing after he retired, and he way pretty good at it. They hung around a lot in the basement to be protected from the babies, and I kept meaning to do something with them. A bit before Christmas I went looking for them to get them framed and couldn’t find them. Part of me was concerned that the girls had gotten ahold of them. Then on my birthday my mother gave me my present, and it was the drawings from Opa, framed.

Then this weekend I got them hung up on the wall. Thanks to my mom’s birthday present I now have these lovely pictures done by my Opa on my wall and just below them is the girls painting easel so they can be inspired by his works.

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