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Sneaky Art projects and birthday surprises!

I am so very excited because I finally came up with a wonderful idea for my mother for her birthday from the girls! It’s always hard to figure something out for her because my mom’s birthday happens to be February 14th. So this year we are going down to my mom’s for her birthday! Granted her birthday is Thursday, and we’re heading down Saturday but I don’t think she cares about that. Steve will be staying because he has a race on the Sunday and the girls and I are not coming back until Monday. So everyone wins! The girls get a visit with Oma, Steve gets a few quiet days, and I get to bring my girls to see my mom and she will just love them and I will get a bit of a break with her there.

But back to my secret art craft for the girls. First I have cut out two very large white fabric hearts. Then I starched them like crazy to make them pretty stiff. Now the girls are going to each get one. They will paint them and then Lillian will write For Oma, and Love Lillian on hers and I will write Happy Birthday and Love Katrina on the baby’s. I’m going to let them decorate their hearts with anything they want! Think glitter, stickers, wool bows, ect… Then I’ll bring a large frame with us, so after they give them to my mom I can frame them for her, and she’ll get to keep them forever!

I know she has a few of my crafts from being a kid and I hope that these warm her heart! I also know she’ll love our gift for her. She got some Crabtree and Evelyn creams in her stocking for Christmas and she loves them. She told me a week ago that she uses the Citron cream every night at bed time, so we’ve got her both the body scrub and the 60 second hand fix. I was very excited to order it online and have it arrive so now I just have to wait to see her and give it to her!

Do you plan super fun things for your mom on her birthday? I’ve always loved spoiling my mom! I hope my girls get this from me!

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