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I got a real RUN in!

I have not run since I completed the Resolution Run on January 1st because my physiotherapist wanted to wait on my knee to feel better and then we waited for my hip to feel better and now that my muscles have started to build up again I was given the green light to go ahead.

I am the kind of person who tends to go overboard when I’m not given boundaries so while i was cleared to run last week I waited until I could get rules from my physio therapist. She asked me to bring in a video of myself running, so she could check my gauge and arm and heal, and that let her see my usual speed. I was allowed to run for 20 minutes total. I did 5 sets where 3 minutes were running at 5.5mph and then 1 minute at walking at 4.3mph. I ended up going 1.7 miles in total, which was 2.74km! Hurray!

Even if it was only 20 minutes I don’t care because I got to run. I felt the treadmill move beneath me! I got my heart pounding for a few minutes! I felt the happy endorphins surging through my body! I feel so happy! And to to it all off my physiotherapist was very happy with how my hip has been reacting at all our work. It’s loosened and more flexible so her work and the yoga is helping!

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