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Kids say the funniest things!

Today at dinner Lillian was asking loads of questions, which is typical of our little missy. At one point she asked me if I was a lady, which I told her yes I was. She then asked me whether I was a nice lady or an old lady. Apparently, in her world you can only be nice or old, you can’t be both. What a funny little monkey! I also complimented her on her good manners and she told me that our daycare teacher Tanya also compliments her manners. I really enjoy when other people tell my little lady how nice and polite she is. This is the kind of thing that makes you feel good as a mom.

You know what doesn’t make you feel good as a mom? When your little one decides to jump off the couch and land on her face. That’s what Katrina decided to do on the weekend. She took a dive off the arm of our couch on Sunday morning. I was not happy about that. I moved her off the arm about 3 times and she kept climbing back until down she went. So now my monkey has a big bruise on the side of her face and I feel like a bad mommy. I know stuff like that happens, but I don’t have to feel good about it.

Finally, on the work out front, I did my first 1 minute bit on the treadmill on Sunday, while Steve filmed me running. I understand my arm issue that my physiotherapist told me about, think of it like this – my right arm moves parallel to my body while my left crosses over across my chest almost trying to grab my right boob – which is what is mucking up my shoulder so badly. She also said my left heal is hitting harder than my right, but that I don’t see. So I had Steve film me, and I still don’t see it. But honestly I have to say watching yourself run on a treadmill in spandex pants does not really help your self esteem! I mean I had NO idea my butt was that big when I run, but I guess that’s life! At least I have nice calves, and I should probably skip my shorts and keep wearing my capris instead.

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