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Test Tomorrow and IT Crowd.

Katrina with her paint on Christmas morning.

Tomorrow is my test day. I’m both nervous and excited about it! I want to pass so it’s over and make my family proud and I think I will, but work has been so stressful the past few weeks that I am a little stressed out about missing half a work day to go do this. Funny to me how a thing that is so important to so many people has to be done at the most inconvenient hours for people but that’s the government for you. Soon I’ll be a Canadian citizen and be able to complain about it all just like the rest of the population. I’ll post on the weekend how it all goes.

Lillian on Christmas morning, just found this photo on oma’s camera.

In other news my husband went to the physiotherapist today and apparently his IT band that has been causing his knee pain. Hurray for an answer to an owie. He has a muscle that runs from his upper thigh/hip to his knee that is too tight, so he needs to stretch after runs and work on it, but he can run his race on Saturday, so my brunch is on! Woot! I’m sending my hubby and running coach off to race a 3 hour trail run and the girlies and I are going to make a super yummy brunch including hot chocolate pancakes, bacon (fresh from the market on Saturday), eggs, quiche, and lattes! I’m so excited about it. I bet I’ll have enough food to feed half the people racing and only 5 of us will be there! Hehe! I’ll try to remember to take photos.

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