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10 Years together!

This week marked auditions for a theatre group on campus called FASS. It stands for Faculty Alumni Staff and Students, and happens to be the theatre group that I met my husband in, when I first joined it in 2003. So while we are not going out for the play this year, the week of auditions marks 10 years that I have been together with my husband. It’s hard to believe that we have been together that long but it’s true. At 29, that means I’ve been with him for over 1/3 of my life!

I am so thankful to have found him and have him in my life every single day. We’ve studied together, traveled to parts of Europe and across Canada, we’ve married, had two children, graduated and gone back to school, changed cars, changed careers, gotten healthy and started running races, trained for marathons, and so far have lived an amazing decade of life together. I am blessed to wake up every day with this man and know that he will be there for me and has been through good and bad.

I was there for him when he lost his mom, and helped him finish his Masters, am helping him train for a marathon and now am supporting his marathon training. He was there for me when I lost two of my grandparents, during my pregnancies and deliveries (despite not wanting to be in the room), when I ran my first race, when I get cranky, when I get obsessive about things like knitting or sewing and disappear for days, when I vent about work, and when I need me time (which is a lot when I’m training). I may sometimes complain about him and the fact that he can’t read my mind but he is a good man, and he loves me and our children, and I am so thankful that he sticks around.

I love you sweetie and am looking forward to many more years with you!

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