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Christmas Report – Part 2!

Happy snow girlie.

As promised this post is full of photos of my girlies! After my parents left on Christmas we had a lot of quality time with our little family. Here are a few of our fun adventures and good memories of our holiday. I should note that the University I work for closed from December 24th 4:30pm and won’t open again until 7am on January 2nd. So we are all home until Wednesday next week.

Big sister trying to make her little sister happy in the snow.

We got our white Christmas a few days late (though we did have snow on the ground for Christmas, just not enough to fully cover all the grass) and that meant we had to shovel the driveway. The girls wanted to help, so we gave Lillian the smaller shovel and Katrina came out with a sand shovel. It went well until Katrina lost the volcanic ash metal shovel (which happens to be an old flour scoop from my Opa who is a baker) so we had to dig around to find it. Then we put the girls into a sled to pull them around the street which had not been plowed and have a good 5-10 cms of snow everywhere. Katrina was not happy about that. In fact any time we dress Katrina up for going outside she just cries! We still make her go though because it makes Lillian so very, very happy. This goes along Steve’s theory that only one of our two children can be happy at any given time. Think the pumpkin on Halloween too.

Mommy with her laptop and the daddy doll. He seems to be attracted to computers.

For indoor play we have been very busy. Katrina loves the doll house so much. She keeps putting food into it, including cookies and grapes. She also is really funny with the daddy doll. We were playing that the family went to the park, and she put daddy on the bench with his desk computer. Another day I was typing on the laptop and she brought the daddy doll and his desk chair and put him on my knee beside the laptop. What a funny monkey! Katrina also has started to feed her baby doll. She puts the doll into her high chair after she finishes eating and then (thanks to Steve switching the real food for toy kitchen food) she fills the high chair with her toy food and “feeds” the baby. She loves her dolls, which is funny to us since Lillian never got into them. Both girls got a groovy girls doll for Christmas that looks like them, and they are really happy with their dolls, though they have to wait until they see their great-grandma tomorrow to get more clothes for them since that’s part of her gift to them.

Lillian has been very busy this Christmas. She is in love with all the painting supplies they got for Christmas. My brother-in-law and santa brought them paints, brushes and painting smocks, and Lillian has been painting up a storm. Katrina tries to get in on the action but her motor skills aren’t quite there and she ends up just mixing all the paint, or painting with water. Lillian seems to prefer to paint with just one colour, but if you encourage you can get her to use two. Such a silly monkey! She also does this electronically, since I got an ipad before Christmas she is crazy about this colouring app I got for her and is finger painting like crazy. Always with one colour though.

So we have spent a lot of time as a family creating great memories and doing silly things. I can’t wait to see what the rest of our break (4 more days counting today) will bring!

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