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Day 9: The Races of 2013.

So between January 1st and May 5th 2013 we are going to be running 8 races between the 2 of us. Wowzers!

January 1st is my first race of 2013, since I signed up for the Running Room Resolution Run! I will be completing the 10km version of it, though I don’t expect to run any personal records after my legs ache and with all the November/December bugs have knocked me down. Then just under three weeks later Steve will be running the 3 hour version of the Frosty Trail run. Cecilia will also be running the Frosty Trail so I plan to handle the post run meal while those two run for their 3 hours. Cecilia needs to hit 21km and Steve needs to hit 22km. So we’ll see how that goes.

In February Steve will be rocking the Refridgereighter race. I did this race in 2012 so next year is his turn! He’ll get a nice morning race and head off one his own. There is something nice to go to a little local race on your own.

For March there is only one run, which is Steve’s Around the Bay. This race will be a real event for him, involving me going to Hamilton to watch him race after it’s started. We can have lunch with his family afterwards, and my coach and friend Cecilia will also be running this race too, so I am planning to make cute little race shirts that we can wear to cheer everyone on in the run!

April is the month of Alice’s races! I am signing up for both the ENDURace races, followed by the Waterloo half-marathon. My two little races are on April 13th and 20th. That half is the following weekend. That’s 3 weekends in a row for me! Though I am planning to run the half-marathon I don’t plan to register for it for a long time since I hope to be pregnant by that race on April 28th.

One week after my half-marathon is May 5th and that is Steve’s Marathon! He’ll be competing in the Toronto Goodlife Marathon. I know he’ll rock it. After this race I expect us both to take a break from running, and so the other race we’ll be registered for will be the Santa pursuit. That’s BOTH of us! Woot! I have to say I think we are a little bit race obsessed!

I just checked all the websites, and the total for all these races (including discounts for early payment or multiple races in a series) is around $450! CRAZY but I guess being healthy is expensive!

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