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Day 5: Christmas Crafts

I am a big fan of gifts that you make and this holiday season I have done a whole LOT of that! This month alone I have created the following items:

  • 9 finished scarves (with 2 more to be finished)
  • 1 pair of boxers
  • 13 bags (2 huge, 2 mini and 9 regular sized)
  • 1 painted and stained toy box
  • 2 nightgowns
  • salt dough gift tags
  • 3 photo-calendars (designed online and sent to be printed)

I love that this year I decided to make so many gifts for my family and friends. I know that these are gifts that will be treasured for a lot longer than something bought in a store. The gift tags will be used every year for our Christmas gifts. The calendar will bring smiles and happiness to my mom and in-laws everyday when they look at their calendars. The nightgowns are for my friend’s mother, and since she couldn’t find them in stores for years that fact that she’ll get two more will make her mom very happy since a few are getting old. The coloured toy box will add some colour to the girls new dollhouse, and doll with clothes that they are getting for Christmas. The scarves have been spread out between my daughters’ daycare teachers, my good friend Cecilia, my friend Jenn, and the family we sponsored for Christmas at work. Lastly, the bags added a nice touch to the gifts that were made with so much of my time and love!

I love being about to give gifts that get used up too. My mother, my stepmother and I are all getting fancy moisturizers. My mom’s also getting a fancy candle and my stepdad is getting his favourite nuts. There are loads of gift cards and chocolates for everyone in stockings and as main gifts. My hubby and I gave up our Christmas money to make a donation to the food bank and the David Suzuki foundation. Since my birthday is in December, I have a few gifts under the tree and will open them on Christmas instead, and I’ve made my hubby a few gifts so that he has something to open and have made sure that his stocking is stuffed full of little things he will love. So now I can look forward to a wonderful Christmas full of beautiful gifts that were made with love and will be around for a long time to remind me of the beautiful family we have.

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