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Day 4: Update on my 101 things

It’s been a while since I talked about my 101 things in 1001 days so I think it’s time for an update!! I have now completed 33 of the things! Here are my successes.

2. Knit 10 scarves for people I adore. (finished Dec 2012 – made scarves for daycare teachers)
6. Paint another picture for our house. (artwork in our master bedroom)
9. Try 5 new sewing projects. (April 2011 – knitting needle case with Jenn, September 2011 – gift bags & baby sleeper, March 2012 – yoga mat case, Lilly’s dress, Steve’s boxers)
12. Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. (Done June 2012)
17. Get a nice family photo taken and frame it in the house. (finished October 30th, framed November 10th)
19. Beat my time in the Horror Hill run. (2011 beat the 2010 time by 3:20)
20. Run a full Marathon. (completed October 14, 2012)
21. Run a half-marathon in under 2:22:22.
23. Run at least 10km in -10 degrees again. (Re-frigee-Eighter race was -14)
24. Run at least 10km in +20 degrees. (October 10th – 25 degrees, 16km hill run)
25. Sign up and complete a bootcamp. (completed end of February).
27. Buy a real running outfit.
28. Destroy 2 pairs of running shoes. (my first two are beyond dead – had to buy 3 new at once)
29. Go rock climbing. (went twice in July, 2012 with Steve)
32. Apply for Canadian citizenship. (mailed paperwork on Monday)
33. Be in a play (tech or on stage). (sewed costumes for FASS 2012)
39. Donate blood. (Done Friday, July 6)
43. Do something with my wedding dress. (sent it to the Bride Project)
45. Take the babies to the park or library every day for 2 weeks. (done! Very busy May)
52. Let Steve do something crazy/adventurous (July 2012 – Steve quit his job to start his own company)
56. Eat brussel sprouts again. (ate them on Saturday, October 22nd with Cecilia)
61. Actually grow sunflowers. (completed September 2011)
62. Photograph the kids beside the growing sunflowers. (completed September 2011)

The one that have been updated most recently is finishing 10 scarves for people I love, thanks to deciding to make my daycare teachers scarves for Christmas. In the Fall I also managed to get a new photo of our family taken and framed for the mantel, raised almost $900 for my marathon run (when my goal was $500) and completed my marathon! I’ve also gotten some serious work done on a few others. I’ve broken the 4,000km mark for total distance run, which means I’m over 80% of the way there and I’ve got plans for some baby books for my girls too, so that’s good news! I’m going to create them on blurb or another site like that and then glue in the special things like their hospital tags rather than working with scrapbook stuff. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE scrap booking but by the time I print the photos out I run out of time to do anything in the actual book!

So there is my update! I’ve also, figured out one of my empty spaces! For number 99 I’m going to try to run my 5km in less than 30 minutes! Woot! Go me!

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