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12 days of Christmas (blogging version) & Santa Pursuit Race Recap

In honour of Christmas and my new blog site (thanks sweetie) I am going to have the 12 days of blogging prior to Christmas! So here is day 1- the Santa Pursuit Race Recap! Enjoy!!

Day 1: Santa Pursuit Race Recap

So this post is a little bit late but it’s the holiday season so I have been one busy little bee!

On Saturday December 1st, I ran the 5k Santa Pursuit and it was a good time. This was the first time that I ran a 1st annual race! I think the only thing that would be more exciting is running a race that started the year you were born, but until I find one of those running this inaugural race will have to do.

I’ll start by writing about what I liked about this race! I loved that is was a local race for me, and by local I don’t mean in my town, I mean about 3km from my house! It was also nice that the race started at the library, which opened after the race began, that gives the families waiting someplace to hang out while they wait for people to finish. The requirement of everyone to dress as Santa was HILARIOUS while we were running, since around 1,000 people were participating in the race. I saw a lot of people in cars filming and taking photos of all these Santas! While the Santa suits were not the best quality, it was funny to see how many men lost their pants running. The simple draw string was not enough to keep them up for men without a hip, so my big hips held mine up with no problems, and I plan to sew an elastic in them so next year if Steve decides to run it he won’t join the pantsless Santas that I saw this year.

Santa Alice after the run!

I have many beefs with this race, but considering that it is the first time, I’m sure many of them will be fixed next year. One bummer was that the race started and ended in the parking lot, to silence. Seriously! This is a Santa race, why were there no Christmas carols?! It would have been very easy to just put a CD into a player with some speakers. Next year hopefully there will be music. I also felt that the cost of $50 for the race was not warranted for the cheap quality of the suits provided. They were very flimsy and as I said above, many people lost parts of them (not just pants, but belts, hats, and so on) and some of them are STILL on the road weeks later. I also am not sure how I feel about the distances offered. 1km is great because it will be the first race Lillian does with me, and 5k is an nice little race, but that’s the top distance. I like a longer race when I pay for it, but I do like that 3km gives my kids something to grow into once they master the 1km. But a 10k addition in the future would be awesome!

My results for the race, were finishing it in 33:56, which is a bit disappointing since I was hoping to finish it in under 30 minutes but it snowed that night, and I was still recovering from my flu, so I’ll take it and set my time goal on my next 5k.

Santa after the race.


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