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Zumba class fun!

So tonight I had a fantastic night with my fitness buddy! For those of you who don’t know I have now decided to rename my coach, my fitness buddy since we’ve expanded our fitness fun to include fitness classes in addition to our running. Woot! I also have to say I am super excited because my studio had a sale on where you got 5 classes for $45 instead of paying $12 a class, and my friend LOVES a deal. So now she is going to have to come with me to another 4 fitness classes. I never thought I’d find someone as uncoordinated as myself to do a dance type fitness class with, but lucky for me, Cecilia is and neither of us care! We were too busy having a blast and working up a sweat!

So tonight we went to a Zumba class followed by sushi. I think that’s a perfect evening. Then next Monday, I have a date with my fitness buddy since it’s our office Christmas Party, and we both decided to leave our guys at home and go as each others’ dates. For me it’s not worth it to pay for a sitter and pay for tickets for Steve and I to attend a work function. So that’s why we had the office holiday party this weekend and despite all the crazy work that went into it, the party was a hit! So here are a few images of my kids being their silly little selves!

My busy girl!

The first snow of the 2012/2013 Winter season!

Katrina trying to hide in the laundry!

Lillian is hiding. Can you see her?

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