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Loads of fun!

Sorry that there are no photos to go with this post but I’m out of space again and Steve is still working on getting my new blog site up and running to hold my older posts.


This weekend was a wonderfully busy one! My mother picked up Lillian on Friday and we looked forward to a busy weekend of being the parents of only 1 busy toddler. On Saturday I ran the 1st Annual Santa Pursuit and did the best I could! I ran the 5k in just under 33 minutes. Not my best 5k but I am proud non-the-less.


I then spent my Sunday knitting, and going to church, running 10k for fun,  and having lunch out with my hubby and Katrina. So a very great and relaxing weekend. But as has been the case my knitting took up all my blogging time (only 1 scarf left to finish for the ladies in my daughters daycare rooms) and I can have some more free evening time!


Last photo until new blog goes up!

Hope you all had a great weekend and don’t you LOVE Katrina jumping in and stealing Lillian’s photo?

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