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Enjoying my trip.

So I have been enjoying my visits with my parents and that includes eating a lot more yummy treats than I did on my vacation to Germany. I blame the Cherry Fest in the town next to my mom’s which means lots of cherry pies. Mmmm higher in points than I typically eat but so yummy. I’ve still managed to get some runs in and tomorrow will aim to get a decent one, meaning 9km if the weather holds out and isn’t too hot for me. I’m also a bit sad since I can’t weigh in though that just meant I could eat some extra pie today since I’ll have to weigh in next Friday and use the average number for tomorrow’s date. Not such a bad deal for me though since I got to eat pie. Can you tell I like pie?

Lillian has been enjoying her trip too and I’m enjoying spending time with my mom, step-dad, dad, and step-dad. We’ve got to go swimming, walking in the jogging stroller, visited people, played with my neices and loads of other fun stuff and I’ve managed to get a whole bunch of beautiful photos of my family. Photos matter a lot to me, as they are the history of what happens in my family.

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