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Working on my Fitness.

It’s been a while since I really posted so this will be a long one. If you aren’t sitting down you may want to.

So yesterday I failed at trying to run. I just wasn’t feeling it and after 2.25km I stopped and went to bed. It was just one of those days. Too much shopping with my mom apparently. Oh well life goes on. Today I managed a nice 10km run to make up for it. I’m on par to hit my monthly goal of beating my all time monthly high for km run. Right now I’m at 165.27km in 22 days (7.5km/day) and I needed to have run 151.2km (6.87km/day) to hit my goal of 213 which just beats my top number. So I’m already 14km ahead of my goal so I can just run 6.9km a day for the rest of the month each day and rock this no problem. Good thing I have to do an 18-21km run this week for my half-marathon so I know I can handle all this.

On the medical front I saw my doctor again and he said my hypothyroid is actually very common considering I just had a baby. For a lot of new moms the thyroid goes into hyper-drive when the baby is born and burns itself out after 3-4 months and then switches into a sort of sleep mode to compensate. Sadly, the hypothyroid (what I can have now) can last anywhere from 9-12 months! So we agreed to re-test me after Lillian’s first level and if things are not getting better on their own by then we’ll give them a little push.

I got some new running gear recently. I picked up my Fiona running bra (LOVE IT) in a smaller size, and a new pair of tank tops to go with my running clothes I got at Easter. They still had some leftover tops so my mom got me a small (OMFG) for running at home, and a medium to wear to kickboxing. The medium is the same colour as my pants, so I have a full purple set, but the small one is pink and I have black and blue pants but at home, who cares. I just needed them to fit right.

I am officially a shop-a-holic now. I went shopping AGAIN with my mom this weekend and picked up another pair of work pants, two long sleeved shirts and three short sleeved shirts for work, a pair of high heels, AND a pair of high heel BOOTS! I have never been able to buy boots because my calves were always too big and now they fit! I almost cried. Seriously, I was SO excited. I also got socks but they aren’t exciting. I also realized that I need to buy some flats for home use because I only have one pair of cute flat slip ons and they are my work (I have to run up and down the stairs today) shoes so when I go back to work they will again, live under my desk and never leave the office. So I get to go do some more shoe shopping. My mother joked that after this weekend my husband will never let her come up again! Maybe he shouldn’t go camping and leave me alone with our credit cards for a while, but I think it’s all good.

I also picked up some crafting things because I want to quilt some pillows for Lillian’s future big girl room and it will take me some time so I figured I should start now. I also got a baby quilt pattern for a good friend of mine who’s expecting and I need to get my butt in gear and finish it before I go back to work, otherwise it will never get done. I’ve now got 39 days left on maternity leave and I’m feeling pretty sad about that but I know Steve is looking forward to being a stay about home dad for a few months, and I’m starting to plan when in 2011 we should start trying for baby number two so that gives me lots to look forward to when I’m at work.

Here is Lillian trying to eat the vegetables out of my garden. Silly baby don’t chew on the hot pepper!

Hope you’re all doing well! Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately. With the thyroid making me moody I choose not to write instead of ranting about everything and everyone, and then with having to find my dog a new home (she’s still here but I’ve got several leads on good homes for her – more than I ever thought which is why it’s taking so long) and then my mom visiting, and tomorrow I’m hosting a play date, it’s a miracle I’ve even been able to run! So have a great night and don’t worry I’ll be writing more this week! Promise!

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