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Countdown Continues.

So now my last race of 2010 is only 4 days away. I am going to be running on Saturday at 10am and I can’t wait. I’m super excited about it. My friend and I are going to plan our strategy for beating my hubby so I am excited for that. I don’t know if I can actually manage to beat him but I’m sure going to try.

Today at work we had a retirement lunch for a few of our faculty members and it was great. I got to see a lot of people who I haven’t seen since before I left on maternity leave and it was great. They couldn’t believe how skinny I’ve become and that was a nice ego boost for me. I even managed to avoid dessert at lunch, since I knew I was going out for dinner for my girlfriend’s birthday so I ate really light and well at lunch so I could enjoy my steak at dinner. YUM! I also had a baked potato which was yummy and Lillian feasted on fresh fruit, bread and jello of all things. 🙂 My monkey loves the Jello. Such a funny baby.

In other fun news we are going to get a new car in early 2011. I love our Celica but Lillian’s larger car seat is going to be really hard to work with in it, so we are hunting for the car that will allow us to upsize our family and car seats. Right now if we were to have another baby we couldn’t get both into the car because you can’t put a baby seat behind the driver, at least not if my husband needs to drive the car EVER. So new car hear we come. The photo above is of Lillian’s new toy, called the toilet brush. She is also mesmerized by the flushing toilet.

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