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She’s her daddy’s girl.

Do you ever look at your children and see all of your spouse and none of you? I’ve been having that with my little girl as of late. She is such a daddy’s girl and takes after his side of the family. She has his (and his dad’s) hair, his eyes, his smile, and so far we know she has my temper (not a good thing). I never really noticed it until recently but that may just be because I’m feeling down lately. This second pregnancy has me so tired I think I’m losing my mind. But the good news is that my hubby is giving me a wonderful birthday/Christmas gift which is having our house professionally cleaned so I can spend my holiday resting NOT cleaning. Then in 2011 when he goes back to work, they’ll keep coming and clean our house monthly. So at least once we’re both working I won’t have to worry about keeping the house clean as much and it means our chore list will be much smaller! So at least there is one light in my tunnel. So enjoy the photo of my hubby and my little one to see how much she looks like her dada.

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