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I haven’t grown?!

So today was my second run of the week. Woot! I’m so glad it’s over! 🙂 Tomorrow at 1pm we go to the ultrasound technician to figure out if this new baby Hanov is a baby boy Hanov or a baby girl Hanov. Today is also my start of the 20 week mark, and that means another belly photo. But this time something weird happened, I haven’t gotten much bigger. I feel HUGE mind you but when you look at the photos it’s true. I’m the same size, which does make me happy that I haven’t gained too much weight in the last three weeks and you can’t see much extra on me since the start of my second trimester.

So I’ll post again on the weekend with an update on the gender of the baby since we’ll be away for a few days and posting away from home is not as easy.

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