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Feeling like me!

Okay so I feel really amazing today. I got my first run of the week in, I planned a fun running and brunch date with my running best friend, and I am finally managing to get some real work done around the office. So all in all it’s turning into a really great week, even if I am still gaining way too much weight because I keep eating so much food due to my lovely little baby. That’s okay though, since she’s our new little miracle baby and I know she’s worth all the pounds I’m putting on, especially since they’ll be gone in no time when I start running hardcore after the baby arrives.

Recently I’ve started to feel the baby moving a lot too and I just find it amazing since right now only I can feel it, and it’s a very special time for me. I like being able to have this baby all to myself for now. Soon enough she’ll be here and smiling at her daddy, stuffing herself with yummy food, running around my house and making huge messes so right now it’s our special time together where she is easy to take care of and always with me.

I love being pregnant. It makes me feel truly beautiful and just all around amazing.

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