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So I’m officially obsessed with my falafels that I’ve made. They are super yummy and I’ve made 5 batches of the recipe so far! Two were eaten yesterday and today (lunch), a third was mild and eaten by Lillian for dinner and myself, the last two are split between lunch tomorrow and storing them in the freezer. They are so good, and since I’ve been craving chick peas lately this is awesome that I have a healthy (as in baked and only good stuff in it) meal to meet my cravings. Even better is that my hubby and baby are enjoying them too. So now I’m a very happy pregnant woman, despite being huge and feeling a bit bummed out about having already gained over 25lbs this pregnancy. But I keep reminding myself that this is all for the new little person growing inside of me.

Baby Hanov I love you already, even if you are making me fat! And you better like napping when you are born so I can run off all this weight you’re putting on my butt and thighs!

One thought on “Obsessed.

  1. Sarah

    Cool, I’ve never tried falafels them look like it would be hard, where did you get the recipe?

    You will definitely run that weight off, don’t you worry about it!

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