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The Funny side of Being a Mom.

Okay so I have a funny mom story to tell today. See this cute little angel here well today she isn’t quiet so angelic.

We were getting her ready for her bath and my hubby asked me if I wanted to run the water or strip her. I told him that I didn’t care, so he ran the water and I stripped her, grabbed her and headed to her bathroom to pass her off to daddy. As I headed down the hallway I giggled in my head at my hubby’s paranoia about carrying Lillian sans diaper since in her 16 months of life she’s only peed on me once while carrying her around. I got into the bathroom and talked to my hubby for a few minutes while holding her and all of a sudden we heard it. The “plop plop plop” of baby pee hitting the floor at my feet. So needless to say tonight she peed on me for the second time in her life, and I’m very happy that it was me and not Steve because I think he would have freaked out and probably never carried her without a diaper again.

So I hope you enjoyed my little story and that it made you smile. I had a good laugh about it and handed my baby to her daddy to go be bathed and I went to shower myself.

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