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Feeling SOOOOO Tired.

Lillian licking the frosting bowl for the first time.

Big surprise! 30.5 weeks pregnant and I am EXAUSTED this week. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I’m just not sleeping through the night and I’ve seriously had enough of it. This little baby is a crazy wiggle baby. My hubby and my theory is that because Lillian was 8lbs 4oz, and this little baby is only 3lbs right now she has CRAZY amounts of room to jump, kick, bounce, wiggle, kick, and hop back and froth inside my womb. So now I have a crazy kicky baby (for the record I was a crazy kicky baby) that won’t stop kicking and gets especially active from 8pm until the morning. During the day she doesn’t really do much but at night it’s almost non-stop. Hence the not sleeping. So now I’m cranky, and tired and counting down the days until this baby is out and I can actually get some sleep without being kicked. I know, I know, I’ll be waking up for feedings then but at least I can sleep in between longer than I am now.

Wish me and my 65 days luck.

4 thoughts on “Feeling SOOOOO Tired.

  1. Laura

    Being kept up by kicks certainly does put me in a bad mood! Hopefully your 65 days fly by and you are holding a cuddly (crazy, kicky) baby and getting a little more rest!

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