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Getting closer!

Saw the OB this morning and I am 1cm dilated. For some this is no big deal, my mom walked around 1cm for weeks before my sister was born, but for me when I was pregnant with Lillian I didn’t hit 1cm until the day before my water broke. So I stay sealed up right until the end, so 1cm is a big deal! I have another appointment for next week on Tuesday, but he doubts I’ll make it that long, though if it does happen we’ll figure out the plan for being induced at that time.

Soon to be big sister.

I’m going to get a nice massage tonight from a reflexology person, who also happens to be my daycare lady. 🙂 Her home business is doing so well that she won’t be doing daycare anymore after September, so when we pull Lillian out in July she will not be going back to the same place. But I know she’ll do well where ever she goes. So I’m hopeful that the massage, combined with the 1cm will help this little miracle come out ALREADY!!

Daddy’s little helper.

Either way, I’m good. I’ve got plans for this week so I won’t be sitting at home bored, just waiting. And if she comes they are nothing that can’t be canceled or postponed! So let’s hope that things work out well in the next few days. I’ve got my babysitters, my hospital bag is in the car, my mother is on call for as soon and I start to go. Hopefully I’ll be home with a beautiful baby soon!

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