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Getting things figured out.

So the routine has started to be developed with my two ladies. Yesterday was a complete success. I know that not all days will go as well as yesterday did and some will probably suck big time, but that’s okay. I started a new tab to write down my good days that I manage to do a lot of stuff so that when the crap-tastic days come around I know that there will be other good ones and I just need to get through the bad ones, one at a time. So I’m hopeful that the rest of this week will go as well as yesterday, and if not that’s okay too.

Proud big sister Katrina, holding her baby sister.

I took Katrina to the doctor today and her crazy eating is paying off. She was 7lbs 13.5oz at birth and now is 8lbs 14oz and she’s only 3 weeks old! That rocks. I’m so excited that she eats so well. We’re going back in 2 weeks just to keep an eye on her weight when I start to work out again. I also plan to go in between her 2 and 4 month check ups since that was when Lillian’s weight really became and issue, and I started to run, A LOT! Her 4 month check up is just before my first race after coming back to running so I need to know that we’re doing well. Our family doctor is great and he’s really understanding about my paranoia about her weight.

So I’m planning to not get on the scale again until the morning of the 15th when I get my official post-baby weight to start my journey. I have no idea if I’ll be able to keep off the scale but I did manage to eat a salad yesterday with my dinner so the veggies are working their way back into my daily diet. So now I just need to get my chocolate cravings under control and reduce my lattes (homemade) from like 5 a day to 1 or 2 and I’ll be golden!

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