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First week.

Okay, so my first week back on Weight Watchers has been more of a struggle than I thought it would be. The chocolate called to me more than I would have liked. The same with the freezies, and chocolate cake that I baked. My husband’s coworkers gave us an amazing baby gift so I wanted to give them something to really show how much we appreciated it, so I baked a German chocolate cake with homemade frosting and according to my hubby it was a huge hit. However, there were some leftovers, and I’ve eaten most of them. Ops! I also, have gone over my points pretty much everyday too. It’s okay though. I see my doctor next week and can then add the activity slowly back into my life so I will start with little 3 and 4 km runs and add one mile a week to build myself up to the 15 km I will need to run in October for my race. Slowly I’ll get back to my running self, and I’ll get my running BFF to make sure I don’t overdo it right away.

So here are my results today: 188.8 lbs, which is down only 0.2lbs. I blame the heat and humidity and maybe the chocolate.

My non-weight exciting news is that my big girl spent her first night in her bunk bed instead of in her crib. So now we’ll give it a few days to make sure it sticks and then we can move the crib out of her room and she can have more room for toys and books. She is going to love having more stuff in her room. Now if only it were cool enough for her to play in her room during the day.

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