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My Oma is a very wise woman. It comes with years of experience, two grown sons, a grown grand daughter, two great-grand daughters, years of hard work and more laughs and wonderful memories than could ever be counted. Her favourite saying to me as a child (other than telling me I “may do the dishes” or “may put away my laundry” – which I am totally stealing to use on my kids) is: “if you had all your dreams and wishes fulfilled you’d never have anything to look forward to”.

I find this quote to be very powerful and it has always stuck with me and helped me through a great deal of things in my lifetime (which my 27 years is quite short compared to my Oma’s 76+ years). It’s comforting to me when I have to wait for something that I really want, and it reminds me that I shouldn’t fulfill all my wishes too quickly or else I’ll be sad. Makes you think of the other saying that money doesn’t ┬ámake you happy.

So here are my wishes or countdowns, whatever you want to call them!

  • Visiting my mom –> 3 days and counting
  • Horror Hill Run –> 82 days and counting
  • Katrina’s Baptism –> 95 days and counting
  • Waterloo Half Marathon –> 265 days and counting
  • Have to go back to work –> 273 days (and not counting)

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