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Thinning Thursday

Okay, so not so much thinning this week, but also not so much gaining. I am 181.6lbs again this week which keeps me almost the same as last week but not technically enough to drop my 10lbs. So I’m at 9.9lbs lost and with another week of hard work it’ll be 10lbs next week. I ate quite a bit of salty food yesterday so I’m not too surprised that I didn’t go down. I normally avoid salty stuff the day or two before my WI but I really wanted chips yesterday and bean soup with stock, so that’s life!

I plan to rest today and tomorrow so my run on Saturday rocks. I was going to do an easy 5km run today but my legs are sore from my speed work yesterday so I will rest today (physically and mentally) and again tomorrow and then rock the 5k on Saturday and go for another long hill run on Sunday.

So no loss, but that’s okay. My mom told me that I may have a slower loss this time even with breast feeding since I got pregnant with Baby K while I was weaning my Monkey. So my body didn’t really get used to not nursing, but that’s okay. I’m being positive and looking forward to my next week. I’m going to work hard and keep at it, and the pounds will come off, when they want to, and as long as I keep up my running.

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