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Feeling the pressure

Okay. The AHS fun run was today and we all came in last but that’s alright since we were pushing a toddler and a baby in strollers, but I’m also disappointed by it. I came in last for my 15km hill run last year, and now I’m last at this 5k and at this rate I’m going to be last at my next horror hill run and that makes me sad.

I know it takes time to come back from a set back, such as having a baby, but it really makes me feel bad about myself that I can’t get my act together. My pace on Sunday last week was 8:27 which isn’t going to cut it for me to beat my time from last year at the horror hill run. I need to be under 2 hours to beat last year’s time, and that means a pace of under 8:00 and right now that isn’t going to happen. Right now only 3/15 of my last runs were under 8:00 and they were NOT on hills so that makes me feel nervous. So I feel a bit bummed out by this but I will keep at it. I have 5 weeks to work my butt and try to improve my speed. Tomorrow I am planning a 12-15km hill run and will see how I do.

On a happy note, we managed to get a lot of cool things done today. After the race we went to a local place for lunch (stone fired thin crust pizza) and then had a blast with the girls at Value Village. Then once we got home Steve put Lillian down for a nap, and he headed off to Canada computers to buy a new toy. So today was his day of fun, and tomorrow will be mine! I’m going to go on my long run, then to Costco and Len’s Mill with my baby while my hubby and monkey go to the park. I’m also planning to try and get some sewing in. I think it’s going to be a good day.

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