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Great day.

Katrina with her first little mini ponytail.

Today was a great day! I added it to my Mommy Miracles list! I did so much stuff today it is unreal. I ironed Steve’s shirts, as well as several of my fabric pieces for my cloth bags project. I fed Lillian a wonderful lunch. Both girls went down for a nap at the same time, almost at the exact same time so I managed a +10km run! Next I swept the downstairs. I got the laundry ready and started it at 7pm (cheaper hydro). I baked fresh cookies for my girlies and saved a few raw in the fridge for my hubby so he got fresh cookies when he got home. I also, managed to bake another fresh bread in the bread maker. Plus I gave both girls a bath, alone, as Steve had to work late. So now I feel like super mom today, and even though I’m tired I am looking forward to tomorrow and whatever it might hold!

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