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Weekend Warrior.

So this weekend I was a weekend warrior both domestically and running wise.

On Saturday I ran my horror hill, hill training run for the second time and made a huge improvements!
Sunday, Sept. 25 –> 15.2km in 2:17:21 so pace of 9:02min/km, weather was fine.
Saturday, Oct. 1 –> 15.24km in 2:09:50 so pace of 8:31min/km, weather had 40km/hr wind gusts!
As you can see I not ran faster dropping 7:31 off my time, and 0:31 off my pace, but I did so on a crazy windy day! I really felt the wind but that’s fine because I rocked the run and am so proud of myself! I have 4 Saturdays left to train and the 4th one will be the actual race! So here’s my plan:
Oct 3-9 I’ll take it easy because of Thanksgiving and only run on Saturday and then rest on Sunday.
Oct 10-16 I’ll kick butt and do the hilly run Saturday and an easy 10k on Sunday.
Oct 17-23 I’ll do the hill run Saturday (possibly a reduced version) and rest Sunday to start my tapper.
Oct 30th I’ll rock the race like nobody’s business.
The crazy thing is, I almost didn’t run because my knee was a bit sore, but I know it’s from squatting and picking up Lillian always on the left, so I’ve made a mental note to pick her up on the right now to balance it, and before I even finished my warm up my knee felt great.

On Sunday I decided not to run since I am having lunch with a girlfriend and I need to use my rest day on that day. Usually I rest Mondays so we planned lunch that day but since we need to move it, I will rest today, run Monday and rest the day we have lunch. I think it’s a good plan. 🙂

As for the domestic front I was a busy wife and mommy this weekend too. We went out for a family breakfast on Saturday and after we got back I did my run. Then while my hubby took care of mowing the lawn (last time for 2011) I got dinner ready. We are not big meat eaters in this house but I felt like it this weekend so we had (brace yourself – and YES it’s all homemade) a roast with gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, carrots, butternut squash, gravy and cheddar biscuits. I told Steve that if Lillian can’t find something she likes in that she’s crazy! On the funny side, she fell asleep watching the Secret of Nimh while I was cooking. Both babies were passed out and soooo cute! Sorry when I tried to get the camera everyone woke up.

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