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Katrina LOVES the jolly jumper.

That’s me. I have loads of titles and hats and I love them all!

Yesterday I managed to sew a bag to put Lillian’s birthday present (books) into. It’s closed with velcro so I can reuse it when Christmas rolls around.

I managed to find two books for my hubby that he couldn’t find. One is a library book that he’s been renewing for months because he had no idea where it was (in a bag of his receipts) and the other is a programming book he wants to use for a project he’s working on (that one was buried in a pile of magazines).

Last night I put away all my baby laundry, and today I tidied up the house for our cleaners (they help me out monthly) and did a load of laundry last night, and Steve and I cleaned up the sewing stuff in my mom’s basement.

For cooking, I made a yummy roast this weekend. From that we had spicy thai beef wraps, Steve has a roast beef sandwich, there will be either stew or pasta with roast tonight and then tomorrow it will be gone. So sad but yummy, and next week I’m going to try for a roast chicken and see how long that goes for.

So I’m feeling pretty good today even if my baby only let me run for 3km this afternoon. She didn’t want to nap or play or anything that didn’t involve being cuddled (I’m glad that at least one of my babies really loves me). The plan is to run another 5k after daddy gets home tonight, and as of right now I’m only 9km away from having run 2000km!

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