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Not feeling as good as I should.

My cake batter tester!

So I have managed to accomplish so much in regards to my running and in one sad little run it all came crashing down. My self esteem is too fragile right now to hold up against any sort of competition, especially competition that wasn’t supposed to stand a chance.

I went running with my hubby and my girls in the stroller today. I held the stroller for the first 2.5km over the hilly part and then let him take them for the next 5k and I took them for the final 2.5km. I figured that with him not having run since his May half-marathon (except for AHS fun run) and my having been training for months I would be able to get a few hundred metres ahead of him easy as pie. But NO, that is not how it happened. I didn’t even get 100 metres ahead of him, and he was pushing both girls in the stroller and I was on my own. I ran a 7:40 km twice, but when I got to the end and turned around and he was right there.

Cecilia, Steve, Alice with the girlies.

I just got horribly depressed. I didn’t even want to run at all anymore. I completely gave up for the rest of my run. I just felt like a total loser and it made me feel like why do I both running, when I can’t even beat my husband after 5 months of NOT running. I don’t want to keep coming in last for all my races, and now I’m worried that I will just end up being last in all my upcoming races. I feel bummed and sad. I hope I get out of this funk when I go for my horror hill training run on Monday. Wish me luck.

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